Extraordinarily uncommon blue diamonds lurk deep in Earth’s core (News)


The rarest diamonds on Earth have been cast tons of of miles beneath its floor, scientists introduced on Thursday.

A group of geologists and gemologists from Australia and the U.S. analyzed 46 blue diamonds, together with one from South Africa that bought for $25 million in 2016, to find out that the dear gems are shaped at depths of 410 miles beneath the Earth’s floor. The findings have been revealed within the journal Nature.

For perspective, the Worldwide Area Station orbits about 250 miles above the Earth and the deepest people ever have drilled beneath the floor is about seven miles.

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Blue diamonds comprise about 0.02 % of mined diamonds, in line with specialists, however they embrace a number of the world’s most beautiful jewels. Their origins lengthy have been shrouded in thriller.

“We knew primarily completely nothing about the place they develop,” geologist Evan Smith, a lead creator of the report and a analysis scientist on the Gemological Institute of America in New York, advised the Washington Put up.

The colour of those uncommon gems tipped off scientists to how they have been shaped. Their hanging blue hue, which is partly depending on the quantity of the ingredient of boron the gem captures, helps scientists to unlock the mysteries deep within the planet’s core.

blue diamond GIA

A blue, boron-bearing diamond that was examined as a part of the research introduced in Nature.

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 (Evan Smith/Gemological Institute of America)

“We at all times knew there was one thing particular about these diamonds,” geologist Jeffrey Put up, curator of the mineral assortment on the Smithsonian’s Nationwide Museum of Pure Historical past, who was not concerned with the Nature report, mentioned within the newspaper. Put up added that the authors make a “very compelling argument” that these diamonds shaped at larger than typical depths.


The scientists concluded that the boron coloring the diamonds is identical because the boron discovered within the ocean’s ground. Nonetheless, that spurred extra questions.

As the ocean ground ages and turns into colder, it will definitely turns into denser than the mantle beneath it and sinks. The boron, which is encased by protecting rock, heads miles underground to the decrease mantle. 

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That deep, hidden space of maximum warmth and strain is the place uncommon blue diamonds are shaped. They usually nonetheless should make a journey of hundreds of thousands of years again towards the floor. 

“It offers us a clue as to how the layers of the Earth are recycling,” Megan Duncan, an Earth scientist on the College of California, Davis, who was not concerned within the analysis, advised Scientific American. 

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