We’re creeping ever nearer to creating cyborgs (News)


Every week, we highlight a cool innovation really useful by a number of the trade’s high tech writers. This week’s choose is a hybrid between robotics and muscle tissue.

Scientists in Japan are a step nearer to creating a real “cyborg,” mentioned George Dvorsky at Gizmodo. Researchers have labored for years on biohybrid robots, during which muscle tissue grown in a lab is connected to a robotic skeleton to assist machines grasp objects and transfer. However over time, the engineered muscle tissue usually degrades and loses perform.

(Courtesy picture)

Now, College of Toyko researchers have created a “versatile finger-like robotic joint” with muscle tissues that act extra like residing tissue. They included electrodes to induce muscle contractions, in addition to a sort of stem cell that may mature into muscle cells, after which used two muscle tissues in antagonistic pairs, with one contracting and the opposite increasing, identical to within the human physique. “The truth that they have been exerting opposing forces on one another stopped them deteriorating,” mentioned Shoji Takeuchi, one of many crew leaders.


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